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Altavoz Distribution: There has been ZERO investment in USA distributors...

Altavoz Distribution: There has been ZERO investment in USA distributors...: "Distribution, too, has been changed substantially by the Internet. Caves (2000) emphasizes a number of factors favoring large scale enterpr..."

The Supply of New Recorded Music since Napster

Creation includes both solitary artistic activity as well as recording, mixing, engineering, and manufacturing salable recorded music products.  Many aspect of creation were traditionally expensive, but a succession of new technologies has reduced cost
PDF report 'Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie? The Supply of New Recorded Music since Napster' : Joel Waldfogel

 Kinda makes our point.............If you want to help yourselves and your community BUY INDIE.........

Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome to the Future of Music today.

Eating  food to feed your body just as Music to feed your soul ~both are best when consumed from local sources   .  

Sure it can come or go national and even international variety is part of our choice too. However, when you buy local, you not only support local artists. You support the whole community that supports them, the arts and our economy. Starting in the shop that sold the notebook that the lyrics or notes were first rendered from the mind maybe even sitting at a local coffee shop.

The circle of economic activity spreads to the practices space and recording studios; from there more collaboration with visual artists for the packaging design, t shirts & other promotional items.  The stimulation of the local economy continues with manufacturing to distribution leading to the amazing stores that know music is not a fad and keep it in front of the public.
These artists then play, tour entertain us and now~  the clubs, promoters and what ever else comes along for the ride are all part of the act.  This is the ecosystem of Indie music that the Majors are now killing.
Music has been the cornerstone of the U.S. culture and it used to be part HUGE chuck of our exports. During Clinton entertainment goods were 40% of what we sold abroad.  And, most of that music what from this economy. The only reason any of the majors do anything in the U.S. now is because of a tax break or they have too.  Think about it when you're buying entertainment   Does the music you consume have an impact on our economy. Yes it does.

Just look at how the Majors operate. They pay artists and bands only what they have too.  The have shareholders that don't care about the arts they only care about money.  So the majors like all such corporations HAVE to make money money for shareholders. And part of that equation for making more money is always to lower the cost of  goods. In the misc biz folks~ those goods are arts. This is the foundation of capitalism and Billion dollar corporations can only use marginal utility of money for all decisions.

Show me one multinational corporation that doesn't operate under the same financial yoke. Now as to the  pubic. IMHO we all needs to realize the health of our economy and souls is affected by the choice of  music.  Keep it simple Buy Indie Support Locals.