Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What do cities need to know about #localmusic in 2015

Since 2015 is being called the Year of the Local it's about time that we started to look at the Musicnomics of what does it mean for a city, town of local municipalities, let alone the states and federals that are inchange of Exports.  To save you the presentation just keep reading.

When we hear exports it's need to be noted that almost NO CD's stamped with "Made in the USA" leave the shores of America by the Major music companies,

This is what we mean when we say we're entertaining our economy to death.

Lets face it CD's are still around and in fact amount to most of the physical sales of music despite the rise of Vinyl and even Cassettes. (Hey there's a how many of you know about or even before it became popluar.

Don't believe us about the CDs go into any Starbucks and look for digital music then go to the Register and when you pay you can pick up a CD. Or visit any country in the world and it becomes very obvious that physical entertainment is still a major part of life.

So that said, if you're the Mayor of one of the USA Music Cities and don't have a plan for exporting your music out of your city onto the world's stage --then you're missing a huge opportunity.

Because overseas people still want to hear what American artists are saying and this mean exports and exports means JOBS and profits to the artists and business that make it happen. This is not a sermon just a export and jobs pitch.

Please visit to learn about a very local focused way to get your cities music into this opporunity.

Let's make sure that we Buy Indie and Support Locals in 2015.

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