Monday, July 6, 2015

Why do we have a new "Global Release Date" and Vinyl Tuesday in the USA.

By a decree from International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPA)  our entire nation just adjusted the music release day without even needing a Treaty, President Decree or Act of Congress and wholesales, stores and even consumer behavior be damed.

Moreover, since the US music biz sales tracking period currently runs Monday through Sunday having something come out at the end of that period is going to be a shorted unless the industry adopt a new tracking schedule which as of this time there's been no announcement of one. 

After bit of searching we came upon this NPR blog about the reason why Tuesday's had been picked in the 1st place. 

"And it happens on Tuesday in the U.S. only — in the U.K. and France release dates are Mondays, in Germany it's Friday".....  and "One explanation is Billboard magazine, which publishes its charts on Wednesdays. If you release an album on a Tuesday, then you get the maximum seven days of sales counted toward your total (including a full weekend)  NPR

Now the thing about these music chart is that they evolved from Billboards original 1930 talies of juke box music played covering these genre Pop, Rhythm & Blues, and Country & Western and was published until June 17, 1957.  

The charts that we know today  evolved after that 1st as Hit Parade in January 4, 1936 and then like today the motive seems to be to help the publisher of the hits to sell the sheet music since the credits only listed the compositions, not a list of records made from them, which were often many hence the term cover. 

And, back then as today, the larger companies that have fingers in all of the pies in the music business are training their competition to adopt strategies that help the Majors and hurt the independent where it really hurts in physical sales.   As it was noted in the NPR post, Tues where picked because it gave the distributors and stores time to react to a new record that wasn't anticipated with weekend supplies.  

Under this new strategy putting a new record with unknown potential into the marketplace will surely hurt the small independent stores, artists, bands and labels since none of them have the capacity to overnight more music into stores over the weekend.  As well if fans can't find it in the stores they will turn to online stores or maybe even back to pirate sites for the most popular music.

We're not sure if the Majors can make a go of this either however it's going to become very interesting for a release that does blow up -- only to blow over -- because there's no inventory in the stores when the demand is peaking. 

Now, just when it seems that the Majors are winning a small yet powerful sign has emerged. 

That's right on Tuesday in the USA only Vinyl, and the details of this are merky since it wasn't developed by the artists or distributors it was done by trade groups and advocates and is totally counter to the  New Music Friday movement that is being foisted upon US Made Music and totally applauded by us. 

However,  this is literally screaming divide and conquer/ tower of babble or just the US entertaining it's economy to death because we fail to support our own industry which a cohesive and global US Made Music strategy and all of this will need to be monitor and discussed to see how it works for us the Independents. 

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Thursday, July 2, 2015

So this point in Texas Monthly about Austin's music caught our attention.

There is still a lot more to be learned from Austin's that this Census data is just the carney in the coal mine for US Made Music We've left a comment on this about what we see as the future of music today is and you just need to click on this Link