Sunday, September 6, 2015

It's about ownership and who's the 1 group that doesn't have it

Having been part of the Compensate Creators movement since 2010 it really started to stick in our craw to notice that no matter how hard or organized the artists bands and labels were the Majors still keep making billions of dollars and the tech companies are minting millionaires if not billionaires. Meanwhile the artists at every turn are losing ground, compensation and the war.

Sure they offered Tidal as penitence of a artists owned outlet. However; let's be clear Tidal is only one channel out of thousands; Moreover!  Those artists that were staged as part of the ownership all have Major contracts. And, there is no way that some Tidal-come -lately is going to pop out releases by major artists and not be doing so with the expressed consent of their Major masters.

Lost in all of this is that billions if not trillions of dollars are being made and projected well into the future and where in all of this does the creators get even thousands let alone pennies.  

Well the answers is coming and it's called which is just forming by wrapping a public company (OTC-MXMI) into the operations and then (GASP) offer restricted shares to successful partners and employees.  

Announcement coming Labor Day,  get it, labor gets to be part of the capitalization of entertainment for once and make it right for everyone.  Win Win.